International air transport
The international air transport refers to an international mode of transport at the airport. The advantage of air transportation is fast, safe and punctual, which greatly shortens the delivery date. It is very beneficial for the logistics supply chain to speed up capital turnover and circulation. However, because the international air transport is only the way of transport to the foreign airports at home, generally speaking, it does not contain the terminal customs clearance and delivery services, so this service is only suitable for some specific customers.
                                                                             Inquiry elements


                                                 1. Name (dangerous goods)

                                                 2. Weight (related to charges), volume (size and whether or not),

                                                 3. Packaging (whether wooden cases, whether there are pallets)

                                                 4. Destination airport (basic point: world airport code query table)

                                                 5. Time required (fly or fly)

                                                 6. Request flight (service and price difference of each flight)

                                                 7. Type of bill of lading (master list and separate sheet)

                                                 8. Transportation service (customs declaration mode, agency documents, customs clearance, etc.)

Shenzhen long glorious logistics are expanding international air freight services, provide such as shenzhen, guangzhou, Hong Kong airport dozens of famous international airlines flights and transfer air export business all over the world, the air service range can satisfy the needs of all business, and provide different shipper tailored air solution. Through long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign airlines and international airports, we have established a vast network of international cooperation. In Iran, dubai, some European countries have local cooperative stable agents with strong customs clearance capability.

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