Customer service agent


1. High school diploma and above, with certain English level.

2. Skilled use of computers; Type blind typing speed of 60 words/min, proficient in OFFICE software.

3. Have good communication and coordination ability and service consciousness, and obey management. Outgoing personality, positive attitude, strong anti-pressure, responsible, careful and responsible.

4. International express customer service experience is preferred, and no experience is available.

Without accommodation, the comprehensive monthly income of 4,000 -4500 concrete treatment negotiable. Your ability determines your treatment, your learning growth rate determines your salary increase rate, welcome to challenge high salary!

Work style and content: mainly communicate with customers through enterprise QQ and telephone, and deal with all kinds of problems of international express delivery.

Shenzhen jiurong logistics co., LTD.

Service hotline: 4007788566

Address: NO.105-106,7 Bldg.Jinda Garden,Hourui Vil.Xixiang Str.Bao'an Dist.Shenzhen China


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