Sea freight

International Ocean shipping, International Ocean Freight) is the main mode of transportation in International trade, more than two-thirds of the total traffic volume of International trade, our country most of the import and export of goods, transport by sea transport way. Ocean freight volume is large, shipping cost is low, the channel is in all directions, is its advantage. But the speed is slow, the navigation risk is great, the sailing date is not easy to be determined, is its inadequacy. The main feature of international shipping is low cost, which is suitable for large external orders with large shipment volume, but the relative aging is the slowest, which usually takes more than 30 days.

There are two ways of international shipping: ocean shipping containers (CY) : one ticket, one container or one multi-container shipping container (CFS) : three more than one container.

There are several types of containers:

1. 20 feet: the size is 6*2.2*2.3, the theory is equipped with 30 cubic meters, and the actual load is 25 -- 27CBM, 18 -- 23 tons.

2. 20 feet weight: the size is 6*2.2*2.3, the theory is 30 cubic meters, and the actual load is 25 -- 27CBM, 25 -- 28 tons.

3. 40 feet: the size is 12*2.2*2.3, the theory is 60 cubic meters, and the actual load is 55 -- 57CBM, 18 -- 23 tons.

4. 40 feet plus height: the size is 12*2.2*2.8, the theory holds 73 cubic meters, and the actual load is 68 -- 70CBM, 18 -- 23 tons.

Above is the ark type that main USES, other still have relatively few use 45 feet, the stool ark, open top ark, freezer and so on.

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