International special line
It is a customized service for foreign trade and export enterprises, and promotes the competitiveness of the products. The first flight to the airport or sea to the port, after the clearance of the clearance, then UPS, Fedex, truck sent to the door, so that the package, package, package tax one dragon service. Can be connected with Amazon FBA, overseas warehouse, business address, private address, can be connected to live products, general trade customs declaration. The biggest advantage of the special line is the price, so the relative limitation will be slower, and of course, there are some empty special lines that do not lose express! Because the goods are directly transported through the freight forwarding company, the strength and credibility of the freight forwarding company directly determine the service ability of the dedicated line. Therefore, it is very important to choose a strong and reputable company.

Long Rong logistics as the courier industry veteran enterprises, in the international logistics industry for more than 10 years, is the first batch of Shenzhen began operating international logistics company, to control a large number of information industry, the industry has high visibility, stable and reliable overseas clearance partners, cargo operation and problem solving ability strong. Long Rong's current international lines are: the TMT Iran special line and the SF line and the European and American air + pies / sea + special lines, etc.


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